Suche mit forschendem Geiste,
finden wirst du sogleich
zu aller Bildung den Schlüssel

(J.W. von Goethe)


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832


Dr Volkhard Wehner is a historian and linguist, and a former librarian and horticulturist. After university studies in Germany and Australia and a career as a librarian at the National Library of Australia and at Monash University, several years as a lecturer at RMIT, horticultural studies at Burnley College, work as a part-time horticulturist in the Dandenongs near Melbourne, and postgraduate studies at the University of Melbourne leading to a doctorate in History, he now freelances as a writer and publisher.

Volkhard Wehner

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Main Interests

  • local history (Melbourne, Dandenong Ranges, Victoria in general)
  • the history of German settlers and settlements in Victoria prior to World War II
  • the lives of notable German-Australians
  • Australian art and artists
  • Australian gardens and garden designers
  • the history of World War I and Australia’s involvement
  • the history of rural settlement in Victoria
  • immigration history.

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